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The 150th Anniversary year celebrations started on 7th December 2014. Kate Buss wrote the following summary of the events over the period.

‘The new office buildings and the new Visitor Centre were completed on time ahead of the celebrations. It is a relief all round that the building works are now finished and the new buildings look reasonably smart, except from the North road view! However, the once flexible open area of the yard is now gone, inevitably meaning more frequent compounds on the Downs on the Clifton side.

The celebrations included a fantastic firework display from the Bridge at 7.00pm on Sunday 7 December. The display was captured by sevewral TV comapnies but the best can nbe seen via this link to Youtube: CSB Fireworks 2014. David Anderson, the Bridgemaster, invited 6 members of the Leigh Woods Society to attend the reception being held in the Avon Gorge Hotel to view the display. Kate and Chris Buss, Angela and Peter Probyn and Jane and David Worthington as Chairman, Secretary and immediate past Secretary attended the reception and thoroughly enjoyed it, both the amazing fireworks and the delicious canapés amidst a crowd of cheerful people. My understanding is that the fireworks were paid for by Bristol City Council (probably using Green Capital money) and the reception was sponsored by Alder King. The huge crowds who came to view the display were well behaved and even the weather obliged.

On the following day Monday 8th December at 3.00 pm a procession gathered to cross the bridge as had been done 150 years previously to mark the opening of the bridge. There were a few spectators but the timing and cold wind didn’t encourage lingering. School children dressed in Victorian costumes and waving flags lined the bridge and a brass band led the procession of dignitaries and representatives of various professions in their finery and uniforms from Clifton to Leigh Woods where our vicar Hester Jones, backed up by a stalwart group of residents, gave a short welcoming speech to the procession. The Trustees then held a ceremony inside the yard to commemorate the building and ongoing maintenance of the Bridge and to dedicate the new buildings.

As a final celebration the bridge turned green and purple on 31 December just for the turn of the year. Temporary lights were rigged up to spotlight the bridge to mark the beginning of Bristol’s year as European Green Capital.

Now the event has passed the legacy is a new crossing and new road surface, both improvements for us in Leigh Woods as well as (finally) a dedicated coach drop off point in Clifton. The visitor Centre is currently very low key, I suspect while they finish the displays, but the influx of visitors won’t be apparent till the summer really.’

There was a 4 page article in the November Bristol magazine whcih we hope to add to the site shortly (subject to the journalists agreement).

More about the Clifton Suspension Bridge

For those that would like to read a more detailed paper on the history of the Clifton Suspension Bridge - click this link:

The following was taken in February 2014 during some heavy weather and yielded some eerie perspectives of the bridge. One of our residents captured the following on her way over early morning.

                                                                              Gemma CS Bridge                                   

The Bridge Toll increase to a £1 was approved in April 2014 and has now been implemented. In addition, the Department has been consulting a number of bodies and the public on the future of bridge tolls.Consultation closed on 10 April 2014 and LWS and many residents submitted their responses.

For a copy of the consultation document:

For copies of the Oral Evidence given at the Public Inquiry in 2013, click on the following links:

Public Inquiry  - Kate Buss         Public Inquiry - Ian McKay


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