Leigh Woods Society

2016 General Meeting

at St Mary’s Church, Leigh woods on Tuesday 15th March 2016

Proceedings start at 7pm with complimentary drinks

at 7.30 there will be the Neighbourhood Watch Meeting

P.C. Martin Faithful, one of our neighbourhood policing team, will be attending to answer any questions followed by


when you will be able to question David Anderson, the Bridge Master; Lisa Topham from  the National Trust and Charles Cave, our District Councillor, about neighbourhood matters


The AGM will commence at 9pm (or earlier)


NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Leigh Woods Society will be held on TUESDAY 15th March 2016 at St. Mary’s Church, Leigh Woods commencing at 9.00pm




1. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 25th March 2015 (AGM March 2015 Minutes)

2. Chairman’s Report (LWS Chairman’s Report March 2015)

3. Treasurer’s Report (LWS Treasurers Report March 2016)

  • Annual Statement of Accounts

4. Election of Society Officers

  • Change to LWS Charter:  It is PROPOSED that ALL Elected Officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) of the Leigh Woods Society will hold office for a maximum of 3 years and that they cannot be re-elected thereafter
  • Committee Changes: Chairman’s Role - interim arrangements
  • 5. Any Other Business


Election of Officers and Committee Members AGM 2016

All officers and committee members are required to be re-elected at each Annual General Meeting and will hold office thereafter until the following Annual General Meeting. Candidates shall be nominated by at least two paid-up members of the Society. The new Treasurer took over from Bob Whiffen in July 2015 and was elected through an EGM. All existing committee members are standing for re-election and will be voted for as a group.

The names of the current officers and committee members are set out below.  Members who wish to nominate candidates for election should complete the form below and return it to the Society by the given date.

Officers:  Chairman: VACANT; Treasurer: Ian McKay; Secretary: Angela Probyn

Committee Members:  Tricia Bedford, Peter Burling, Kate Buss, Martyn Harris, Esther Johnson, Ray Lowman, Ann Lowson, Tina Pritchett,

                                    Michael Smethurst, Brenda Winsor-Edwards, Jane Worthington

We would particularly welcome new committee memebers. If interested please contact Angela Probyn: Secretary, 1 Spring Leigh, Church Road, Leigh Woods or by email: by 5pm on Tuesday 15th March 2016


Candidates for Committee Election


Candidate Name              Address & Contact                            Proposer                      Seconder




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