Rownham House

Rownham House was built on the Ashton Court Estate where The Smyth family lived. Rownham House was the Dower House of the Estate and was rented to the Garnett family. The Garnett family had rented the property for many years and Miss Helen Garnet had to buy the property in 1950 or leave when the Ashton Court Estate was broken upon the death of Esme Smyth. Miss Helen Garnett bought the property for 10,000 and remained there until her death in 1960. The original house was then acquired, pulled down and the re-developed with a new Rownham House, in the 1970s.  In 1990, the house and site were acquired by a development company and turned into apartments and town houses. A local Leigh Woods family lived in part of the original house and provided the photo below. There appears to be little other information about the history of the house and its architect but the picture below shows the house in its heyday.

Rownham House 1 (3)

The picture below of the original house is one discovered by another resident on a historical photograph site.

Rownham House - Flickr
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