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Leigh Woods was established in the 19th century as a residential area with 12 main houses each with their own land and gardens. The aerial picture above was taken in June 2013 and shows the expansion of house and apartments within the Leigh Woods Triangle and BS8 post code.

Two of the main properties of interest are Burwalls House next to the Suspension Bridge and Brackenhill House and the old Botanic Gardens. The first was donated to the University of Bristol by the Wills family and is in the process on being sold. The latter has been sold to Devonshire Homes for residential property developments. However, as a part of the sale, there are still some aspects of the old Botanical Gardens remaining. Residents of Leigh Woods as well as members of the Botanic Garden Society can visit these gardens twice a year.

Further background on these landmarks of the area can be found on the following pages:

Burwalls House

Church of St. Marys

Rownham House

We have now added the November 2013 Bristol Magazine article by Andrew Swift, a well-known historical author of Bath and Bristol, on Leigh Woods. Andrew looks at the history of Leigh Woods and discovers how it was saved from development. We thank Andrew for agreeing to let us publish it on the Leigh Woods site.  See Andrew Swift’s - Saved for the City.

There is much more history to explore about Leigh Woods, its origins and its people. Enjoy the following pages about some of its people:

Leigh Woods People - Renown and Infamous:   Leigh Woods People

1901 Snapshot: Leigh Woods Snapshot


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